When you’re looking for your next big career move, or maybe looking to transition into a different field, the flood of new information can be overwhelming. When working with a Staffing Agency, one of the first things to keep an eye out for is the status of the position. Phrases like Temporary, Temporary to Hire or Direct Hire should always be communicated to you. That verbiage may be confusing to some as it’s not widely understood what they actually mean and how it’s applied to the position as a whole. With some additional clarification, TES Staffing will help you understand not only what they mean, but how to assess the value in each while establishing what is best for you.

Temporary – This status is used when an position has a specific end date that has been established by the employer. These types of openings occur when someone is going out for medical leave, a big project is happening with a deadline or perhaps seasonal assistance is necessary.

Benefits: Allows you to work within a specific period of time while gaining experience in a new role. In some instances these roles can open up the door to permanent job later on. Remember: Networking is half the battle!

Temporary to Hire ( T2H)- This status is used when a position is vacant and the employer is looking to fill with a temporary employee with the intention to bring them on permeant if it’s a good fit. It is the employers way of establishing if the employee is a match for the role and the corporation without making the full commitment at day one. It’s an amazing opportunity not only for the employer but for the employee as well to establish if this is a well matched, long term fit.

Most people only see the benefit from the employers standpoint, but T2H employees obtain valuable insight into the values of the organization that you can only gain while working in the environment. During the temporary period, you are paid through the agency until the determination is made if this will be brought on internally. The time in which this is determined varies from company to company.

Benefits: Provides the opportunity to obtain firsthand experience in the position, from an employee’s standpoint while you are considering if this is where you can make a long term career. You also have the opportunity to showcase your skillset in the role and show the employer that you’re not only a good fit for the role but you might also be worth a higher pay scale than what was originally offered.

*Worth noting-There is not true guarantee that every employee will offer permanent employment upon accepting this type of employment as it’s at the employers digression, but discuss with your Recruiter.

Direct Hire ( Permanent) – This is status that is used when a staffing agency is helping an organization with their candidate search with the goal of finding an candidate that will be hired directly. These positions normally come with benefits are also classified as “permanent” right out the gate as well. You will not be paid by the agency as you will start work with the organization directly from day one.

Benefits: Benefits offered at hire.

We hope this provides some additional insight into the definitions of these three common phases as you continue your job search. There are many benefits to each option but only you can assess what is right you. Do have an honest conversation with your Recruiter who can help determine which avenue is best. While each type may see very different, at the root of each type there is an option to gain experience, network, and find a long term fit.

Special note: TES Staffing supports on all three types of position and can help you navigate these confusing waters while acting as your beacon before you get lost in the search.

Attention:  School Packing Project – Lead Packers and Packers NEEDED!

Friday, April 12th from 10:00 am to 3:00 PM

At TES Staffing – 600 Park Avenue Rochester, NY 14607

TES Staffing will be holding Open Interviews to find qualified candidates to help assist the Rochester City School District pack their schools for renovations and relocations over the course of the 2024 summer season.

Positions Available:

Lead Packer: $25/ hr

Packer: $18/hr

Both positions require good interpersonal skills, the ability to be flexible with schedule, and a mandatory pre-employment background check.

This event is for new applicants to TES Staffing only