As you begin your job search, there are many things that should do to prepare like updating your resume and references. For many people this is the most important step, and other details may be skipped. One important detail to remember before, during and after your job search is appropriate interview attire.

You may ask “Why is it important to think about my interview outfit before I start my job search?” The answer is because you never know when you are going to get that important call saying, “We would love to set up an interview with you.” This is when the excitement and preparation begins, but still no thoughts on what to wear until the night before or even the morning of. In many cases job seekers are making a transition into a different industry where their previous working wardrobe would not be appropriate. There are also some cases in which the actual position is less casual then what you should wear to an interview.

To make sure that you are always interview ready, here are a few basic items each person should bake into their wardrobe.

  • Blazer – Professional touch on simple outfits
  • Button down shirt – Can be easily tucked into create a professional look
  • Dress pants / Khakis – We want to avoid wearing jeans and leggings at all cost
  • Simple dress shoes – Anything that is a low heel, clean and not a sneaker

Taking the extra steps at the beginning of your job search to prepare for any potential interviews will help you in the long run. Attire may not determine your ability to do the job successfully but it does show your attention to detail, and your ability to be representative of the brand and image that company would like to portray to clients and customers.