Smell, Sight and Sounds are imperative senses that can help you perfect the interview process.

Crucial elements to consider when interviewing for a job go beyond your outfit and clean copies of your resume. To really give an outstanding first and lasting impression, consider these suggestions before your next meeting.


  • Heavy perfumes and colognes can be extremely distracting to an interviewer. This is not the time to lay it on thick.
  • Are you a smoker? That can also be distracting to an interviewer- we highly suggest not smoking before an interview. Ensure that your clothes are clean and fresh- nothing is worse than old cigarette smell.
  • Consider your breath and body odors – pop a mint before you check in to the interview and use non- scented deodorant to keep you fresh!


  • Think about what you will be seeing in an interview and vice versa. Keep “flash” out of it- leave your bling and expensive jewelry at home.
  • In addition to a neat and clean appearance, make sure you are maintaining eye contact throughout the job interview. This is especially true when shaking hands and the beginning and end of your interview.
  • If you don’t do this, you are non-verbally communicating that their handshake isn’t worth your time.


  • Shut down your cell phone. Hearing a beep, buzz, or ring – even if your device is in your pocket or bag, is extremely distracting
  • You cannot hear unless you are listening; you are expected to listen a great deal more than you are to speak. However; you are expected to speak clearly- mumbling will not get you the job!

Good luck!