Smell, Sight and Sounds are imperative senses that can help you perfect the interview process.

Crucial elements to consider when interviewing for a job go beyond your outfit and clean copies of your resume. To really give an outstanding first and lasting impression, consider these suggestions before your next meeting.


  • Heavy perfumes and colognes can be extremely distracting to an interviewer. This is not the time to lay it on thick.
  • Are you a smoker? That can also be distracting to an interviewer- we highly suggest not smoking before an interview. Ensure that your clothes are clean and fresh- nothing is worse than old cigarette smell.
  • Consider your breath and body odors – pop a mint before you check in to the interview and use non- scented deodorant to keep you fresh!


  • Think about what you will be seeing in an interview and vice versa. Keep “flash” out of it- leave your bling and expensive jewelry at home.
  • In addition to a neat and clean appearance, make sure you are maintaining eye contact throughout the job interview. This is especially true when shaking hands and the beginning and end of your interview.
  • If you don’t do this, you are non-verbally communicating that their handshake isn’t worth your time.


  • Shut down your cell phone. Hearing a beep, buzz, or ring – even if your device is in your pocket or bag, is extremely distracting
  • You cannot hear unless you are listening; you are expected to listen a great deal more than you are to speak. However; you are expected to speak clearly- mumbling will not get you the job!

Good luck!


December 4th from 10AM until 2PM at TES Staffing

TES Staffing will be holding Open Interviews to find qualified candidates for the Rochester City School District, East Irondequoit School District, Monroe #1 BOCES and Charter Schools!

Open Positions Include (available on a per-diem or long-term basis):

Substitute Teacher
Clerical Support
Teacher Aide
Lunchroom Aide

Job Requirements:

All positions require good interpersonal skills, the ability to be flexible with schedule, and a mandatory pre-employment background check.