All too many times people searching for jobs suffer in silence. Searching for a job can be a very lonely road if you let it be. Whether you have been laid off or even if you have been fired, being unemployed is an opportunity, it does not have to be a negative circumstance swept under the rug. Simply hitting the “submit application” button is not enough in today’s world. If you want to see success in finding your next career opportunity you need to leverage your friends, family or really anyone you can think of that might be appropriate.

Jenni Maier from says “Rather than trying to pull this off all by yourself, tell your friends, tell your former colleagues, and tell your family. While you don’t want to shout it from the rooftops (mostly because that’s a wildly ineffective way to communicate), you should clue your network into the fact you’re looking.” She goes on to say “As soon as I started being honest about my situation, the opportunities started rolling in. Turns out people want to help you! But they can’t if you don’t clue them into what you need.”

Don’t be afraid to key people in on your situation. You will be amazed at the doors that will be opened up if you communicate with the people around you about your job search.