While sending a hand written thank you note might seem like a thing of the past, the power of a received note after an interview will mean more than you can imagine.

Taking an extra five minutes to write a quick note, or even a thank you email, to a future employer can further separate you from the competition. In my six years of recruiting, I’ve personally received 10 thank you notes- which all remain on my desk. All those candidates were successfully placed, and I keep in touch with all of them. Thank you notes feel like special gifts and says a lot about a candidate’s character.

Here’s how, when and why, you should send the perfect thank you note.

If emailing, do send your note within 24 hours, but not sooner than four hours after the interview. Include all your interviewers or send a separate email to each person you met with. Don’t have all their contact information? Ask your recruiter. Email can be powerful in that it reaches the person faster than regular mail. There is nothing wrong with sending an email and a thank you note.

Remember to remind your interviewer of your qualifications and your interest in the job. This is like an extra selling tool that can help reaffirm your candidacy. With that said, make sure you are checking and double-checking spelling and grammar. Do not be casual, this is also a chance for the employer to see a writing sample from you.

Baking this practice into your interview process will help you rise above the crowd. In today’s market- every bit helps. Good luck!

Attention:  School Packing Project – Lead Packers and Packers NEEDED!

Friday, April 12th from 10:00 am to 3:00 PM

At TES Staffing – 600 Park Avenue Rochester, NY 14607

TES Staffing will be holding Open Interviews to find qualified candidates to help assist the Rochester City School District pack their schools for renovations and relocations over the course of the 2024 summer season.

Positions Available:

Lead Packer: $25/ hr

Packer: $18/hr

Both positions require good interpersonal skills, the ability to be flexible with schedule, and a mandatory pre-employment background check.

This event is for new applicants to TES Staffing only