Facebook, twitter, Instagram- OH MY! In today’s world, social media for some feels like an extension of themselves. If you are in the process of or thinking about starting the process of finding a new job – we seriously urge you to take a critical look at how you are presenting yourself online. Here are a few steps to ensure your best selfie doesn’t cost you your dream job.

  1. Lock it down. Most sites offer privacy settings, and we strongly encourage you to turn them on. Think about how a potential employer might few that cringe worthy photo of you from 5 years ago. Sure, you are probably a better person than you were then, but do not leave that to chance. Keep in mind the settings change frequently. Check, and check often. sd
  2. Do a social media sweep. What pops up when you Google yourself? Have an old MySpace account you forgot about? Remember that hiring managers will be googling you, too. There is a study from the Social Recruiting Survey that says 93% of hiring manager will look at your Facebook page before a first round phone screen.
  3. Edit, Edit Edit. Not all Social Media presence is bad. Have a strong LinkedIN profile may even help you land an interview. Consider this: positive qualities that show strong grammar, information about volunteering experience, and examples of cultural fit might get you an extra leg up.

Whatever the platform, be vigilant in what you are posting- if you don’t want a potential employer to see if, best to leave it off. Good luck!